Company Profile:

Established in 2013, JKOON is a professional organization providing one-stop service including overseas medical care, physical examination and childbearing service. The company has established long-term and stable cooperation with authoritative hospitals in developed countries like the United States and Japan to provide quality and reliable service to clients.

Company service includes:

●Overseas medical care: help patients in China to have high-end international medical service in the United States, Japan and other countries with developed medical service and find the most authoritative medical organizations and the most suitable therapeutic schedules for patients.

●Remote diagnosis: use medical records, original images (including CT, X-rays, and PET-CT) and image reports, radiotherapy and chemotherapy records, oral drugs, and other materials and information of the patients without language and geographical limitations, solicit overseas experts’ opinions, leverage modern tools, so as to further study the patients’ disease, propose therapeutic recommendations and seek for differentiated diagnosis and therapeutic solutions.

●Genetic testing: cooperate with renowned medical organizations in the United States and Japan and check mutated genes in human body, thus preventing and treating genetic diseases in early stage; precisely position and attack specific gene mutation that leads to cancer with targeted therapy.

●Overseas physical examination: provide high-precision and high-quality physical examination service in cooperation with authoritative physical examination organizations in Japan. At present, in Japan, cancer cells smaller than 5MM can be detected, enabling early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer.

●Overseas childbearing service: provide professional service covering giving birth in the United States and test-tube babies.

JKOON provides one-stop service including professional medical translation, hospital and expert appointment, medical visa, airport transfer, operation follow-up, test results tracking, post-discharge follow-up, and medical process of secondary hospital admission.

Service tenet of the Company: cooperate with only authoritative hospitals in developed countries to guarantee legitimate rights and interests of patients seeking for overseas medical treatment, collect only service fees without collecting medical expenses for medical organizations, integrate international top quality medical resources to provide better treatment and create beautiful future for patients.

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